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4PSA Launches New Version of Cloud Communications Platform VoipNow 3

Communications platform provider 4PSA has launched VoipNow 3.5, and switched to monthly updates of its Unified Communications platform for service providers, the company announced Wednesday.

The update includes a big data, search, and analytics engine, and it is able to index communications in real time to provide information to both the service provider and end user. It uses WebRTC over SIP to make phone service accessible to compatible browsers.

face many challenges in order to keep pace with the increasing number of communication channels and the information flood. VoipNow 3.5 is a core component in our strategy to simplify real time communication and collaboration. While impressive from the technical perspective VoipNow 3.5 implied more than 10k commits and includes over 300 new features, the product is also an important milestone in our product release strategy, as it opens the path for a short release cycle. Basically, starting May we are going to have a new VoipNow version every month, said 4PSA CEO Bogdan Carstoiu.

Carstoiu is frustrated by the lack of traction WebRTC has gotten against what he considers a politically entrenched status quo in the telecom industry.

frustrating to see that WebRTC gets relatively low traction, although it can dramatically change the telecom industry for the better. Its immense potential is surrounded by politics, but we strongly believe that it impossible to fight progress. That why in VoipNow 3.5 WebRTC is not a technology exercise, but a production solution that allows the deployment of a fully featured enterprise phone in the browser, with audio and video support. With WebRTC and SIP, we take the best from both worlds, and link the browser to the carrier telephony network, Carstoiu said.

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VoipNow 3.5 supports a wide range of encryption standards, and features simplified encryption, while the company has attempted to make it more difficult to set up unencrypted calls. SELinuxsupport, built in firewall, and password strength management have also been improved.

The update also includes improvements to voice quality, including support for the IETF Opus with FEC and other new audio codecs, as well as to user experience, systems management, and processing speed.

The Unified Communications platform is used by more than 10,000 providers wordwide, the company says, and supports 4PSA end user products VoipNow Mobile and Hubgets.

According to an FCC report last summer, businesses lag far behind US consumers in VoIP adoption, though analysts see them catching up, and creating an opportunity for service providers.

VOIP has been improving the communication network for the past many years. I am glad to see the new version of VOIP finally being available in the market. It’s good to see new improvements in its built in firewall and password strength. I am sure it must be working better than the previous version. More than 10,000 providers are currently using VOIP. It was necessary for the concerned company to bring a certain level of up gradations into the system and they have finally done that by re launching VoipNow 3.5. Thanks for doing that!

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