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CoreLink Data Centers Transitions to IPv6

During and after the transition to IPv6, customers will experience dual support for both the current IPv4 and new IPv6 protocols.

By incorporating IPv6 now, CoreLink customers will benefit from the new standard, which replaces the soon to be exhausted IPv4 IP address repository with a nearly unlimited number of new IP addresses.

adoption of IPv6 will simplify the process of Internet traffic exchange for our users, said Charles Picasso, chairman and CEO of CoreLink. shift to IPv6 is an important transition for the worldwide Internet community. We are committed to making this change as seamless for customers as possible.

IPv4 has been in place since 1981, acting as the longtime standard for IP communications routing.

The signficant growth of the Internet has lead to the near depletion of the 4.3 billion IP addresses that are available under IPv4.

Although many assigned addresses remain unused at the lower levels, a new system with a greater possible address base was needed.

By approving the move to IPv6, with 340 undecillion possible combinations, the ITEF expects IPv6 to meet worldwide demands far into the future.

CoreLink transition to IPv6 will result in increased flexibility for customers, greater interoperability between network systems and equipment, and improve performance and ease of use of Internet communications.

The company said that its support for IPv6 further extends the capabilities of its full suite of data center hosting solutions including managed security and data services, business continuity solutions and disaster recovery and network connectivity services.

The announcement comes just in time for World IPv6 Day, a 24 hour IPv6 test period that the Internet Society will be hosting on June 8th to promote IPv6 readiness throughout the Internet.

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