cheap ray bans a few months after Murdoch’s company took over the station in 1986.

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Byline: Daily News Wire ServicesSixteen year old video director Jake Fogelnest has moved his New York public access show, "Squirt TV," to MTV. The program, seen at midnight Fridays, is shot in Fogelnest’s bedroom. Among the guests that appeared on the program’s Feb. 23 debut were Adam Sandler, Jackie Chan and Cypress Hill. Among the questions the young host asked Sandler: "Who’s your favorite character from ‘What’s Happening?’ " and "Have you ever seen Chris Farley naked?"Tortorici makes a move: Former CBS Entertainment president Peter Tortorici has joined the Carsey Werner Co., whose credits include "The Cosby Show," "Roseanne," "Grace Under Fire," "Cybill" and "3rd Rock From the Sun."Is anybody watching?: Rupert Murdoch apparently isn’t a regular viewer of his own station WNYW in New York.In a speech at the National Press Club, the Fox and News Corp. top gun blasted fellow mogul and long time rival, Ted Turner.Specifically, he was annoyed at Turner’s description of him as a "schlockmeister." Murdoch lashed back by trumpeting his Fox successes, citing "The X Files," "The Simpsons" and NFL football."We do, however, draw the line at professional wrestling and brown nosing foreign dictators," Murdoch said.A look at the Saturday television listings, though, shows that WNYW, Fox’s flagship station in New York, broadcasts WWF Wrestling every Saturday at noon.In fact, wrestling has aired on WNYW since January 1987, a few months after Murdoch’s company took over the station in 1986.

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