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Five Things You Didn’t Know about the European Cloudscape

Since his session was nicely packaged into a few specific bullet type points, I try to stick to his format in conveying it.

1) Data protecton, he says, is an opportunity, not a threat. As an industry, he says, the hosting community has not done anywhere close to enough to influence the political infrastructure or the media hosting is an opportune scapegoat for unpleasant things that appear on the web.

He references the Save Hosting movement in the US, and says he like to see a similar effort by the hosting industry to have an influence on the creation of legislation in Europe.

2) The traditional hosting models are not being cannibalized by cloud products, he says. As a matter of fact, the cloud has become a powerful add on to traditional hosting services, while some of the traditional web hosting services have become good gateways into cloud services.

3) There are some pan European companies seeing real success these days, including Telecity and Interoute, specifically within the hosting business. They may have had some tough times over the years, but several of the companies are good indicators that a pan European model can work.

4) He says it is possible for a hosting business to thrive without a cloud product set, for now. One of the big problems with the hosting business is that, partly because it has some legacy in the telco world, it has a terrible herd instinct. Hosts don have to all do things the same way, he says, and that includes both pay as you go billing or cloud services in general.

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5) There is no reason to be cowed by the technology of the US, or anyone else, he says. It a shame that companies like MySQL and Xen build themselves up to a certain point, and then sell to major US companies. The ability to create cool technology is obviously there, and he would like to see somebody develop something cool and exciting in the cloud space.

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