aviator ray ban Romero told the AP.

California Boy To Climb Mt

Seven Summits: California 13 Year Old Boy Plans to Climb Mount Everest

Traveling to Mount Everest to see the massive mountain in all of its splendor is a dream many people have on their to do before I die list. However, one California 13 year old boy hopes to hike his way to the top to achieve the unthinkable: climb to the summit of the highest peaks on all seven continents, according to a recent Associated Press report.

told my dad about it and he didn say no. He just explained the difficulties and what I have to do. We started training right away, Romero told the AP.

He was slated to leave Nepal Monday night, th AP reports, and the threesome anticipates spending about $150,000 on the trip.

The trio will also be accompanied by three sherpas, the AP reports.

My evaluation: I awe struck by this boy quest to stand atop the seven highest peaks in the world. While I fall a little bit into the camp who think he may be too young to take on such an endeavor, Romero bested Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa highest peak, at age 10. The kid is an animal, and, in this day and age with children spending countless hours playing video games instead of time outdoors, you have to applaud his drive and enthusiasm for accomplishing what few have been able to do before him. May he and his family have a safe passage up Everest, and let hope they remember to bring a camera along to take some amazing scenic shots.

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